Hand in Hand

Friends Helping Friends

Hand in Hand extends a helping hand to special needs children and their families. Its twofold purpose is to involve the children in a full range of Jewish and social experiences while providing an exciting growth opportunity for its teen volunteers. By training them to become effective friends and mentors to these children, Hand in Hand imparts a sense of purpose and fulfillment in its special team of volunteers.

The experience is rewarding for all involved. The special needs children get to have what every child needs: friends, role models and love. The volunteers enjoy the priceless experience of contributing to someone's life in a fun and playful way.

At the heart of all Hand in Hand's programming is the belief that each and every individual can be a productive member of the community. Whether one is on the giving or receiving end of this effort, everyone benefits. By giving special needs children the experience of friendship, acceptance, and participation in socially bonding activities, the volunteers give them the opportunity to be part of their community in a more enlivening and inclusive way.